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Simple Tips on Running Effective Facebook Ads Campaigns

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Facebook ads are still as powerful as ever with almost everyone on earth having an account. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or one of the out-crowd folks, its chalked full of information you can use to understand your current audience or even find new ones!

Facebook now offers many metrics and analytics if you didn’t know before. It tracks what users like and what external links they click to. It’s definitely a smart move to take advantage of this information especially if you’re trying to sell products or services. Let’s take a look at how you can kick some serious tail with Facebook ads for your campaign.
Find Your Target Audience
If you go under the audience insight, you have a plethora of information on the audience that’s already connected with your brand. You can find metrics such as age, gender, likes, lifestyle, education level, job title, and other things.

Having this information is quite valuable in seeing who your page visitors are. You can use these bits to formulate the ideal customer for your product and create something more specifically tailored for them.

Are you creating a new course for entrepreneurs perhaps? Your crowd might be in the range of 24-30 or 35-50. Creating the content tailored for people who are younger might be a lot different than the older folks who might have more financial capital and experience. Having more information can even help you niche down and have content that’s more applicable for your target audience. Remember, the riches are in the niches!
Finding New Targets
So you figured out your target audience but it doesn’t make sense to fish only in one pond. It’s time to take your chances with other ponds, rivers, lakes, or even the ocean. You do want to start casting bigger nets to reel in more fishes, right?

Once you tailor you ads, it’s time to share it with new audiences. You’ve been working on many different elements of the ads like the copy, ad placement, and tried some split testing to separate the cream of the crop.

Now, it’s time to hit that “exclude people who like your page” option to extend your reach further. It makes as much sense advertising to your current audience as preaching to the choir that’s already sold on your brand. Take some risks to reap the rewards! Go ahead, you have our permission.
Concentrating Your Efforts
To even further optimize your efforts, you can concentrate on geographic regions. Besides saving you some money on ads, you might find that different geographic area will vary greatly in terms per cost per click. If you’re hot like fire in the U.K, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be crushing it with the audience in Europe. Let’s get wise, okay?

Seasonal efforts and complete exclusions might even apply to you. If you’re selling your web or marketing services during the holiday seasons in December, it might not have as much of a hit as in the new year when everyone is pumped up and ready to divide & conquer.

Don’t forget that you can also target your efforts on specific cities or zip codes. Marketing tools are great, aren’t they?
A last bit of parting advice, practice is key. To truly find what works, you have to try different things with your brand. Sooner or later, you’ll find something that just works like a dream.

Experiment with your audiences, ad optimizations, and concentrate your advertising. Don’t be afraid to try something new, your audience might love it! You might even find a newer niche along the way. It’s time to get crackin’, these ads don’t make themselves, you know?

DATE: Apr 25, 2017
AUTHOR: 1wik

3 Hacks to Improve Your SEO with Social Media In 2017

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Let’s skip the talk about the Social Media SEO basics because you and I both know that engagement on social media platform is important. Providing valuable services and content will help skyrocket your sales and growth.

Let’s face it, would you rather work with a company who communicates with its customers or another one-dimensional, sterile corporation who doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than your pounds and pennies?

SEO is often neglected aspect of businesses, it’s easy to start today with some simple hacks to make your company famous. Let’s crack on, shall we?

Hack #1: Customer Engagement

This foundation in social media will always stand the test of time. Your customers seek value from your content and posts. Let’s peek into their minds real quick.

Whether I’m looking for a new bicycle or retreat venues for hire, I want to find out what’s the best for me. I might read your content about the different types of bikes and different price points. From reading valuable posts on your social media, I want to get answers to some of my questions. I might drop a like or save the article.

Here’s where most companies fall short, they fail to engage the customers after that tiny lead. Send a message on Facebook to the customer or tweet at them specifically. Use emoticons, messenger bots, and quick responses to reel ‘em in to your fantastic brand.

This personalized touch can make customers feel that you truly care about their needs. They’ll be happy that they didn’t buy a road bike to take into the trails in the forest. Get the idea? Marvelous.

Hack #2: Using Paid Content on Different Platforms

While it’s great to try to gain organic results from search engines, take advantage of the many platforms to help target a more specific audience.

Where do your customers hang out most on the internet? Chances are if you find that platform, you can buy content to help attract customers to your company. Ever noticed that you were searching for something on Google and then your Facebook page starts displaying a bunch of ads about it? Yea, it works like that.

It’s nice to have your engagement on your social media sites but even better if you cast your net further to catch more fish.

Hack #3: Maximize Every Feature

The nature of social media spins on a dime, so you need to be flexible. New features and updates are constantly released and by using some strategy, you can take full advantage of it.

Facebook have their ads and Google have their adwords but you might want to look into Instagram’s stories or Snapchat’s our story features. Of course, there are many other features of different platforms.

Knowing how to use each feature of software is like being a good leader. Maximizing each function and playing it where it is the strongest is a smart move. If you played some chess before, I might be preaching to the choir.
Whether you’re selling dog toys to fart candles (not kidding), social media can be a force multiplier in your advertising strategy. Most of the time, it’s even free to create a free page or account to get your name out there.

Your customers don’t stand a chance if you strategize and launch a successful campaign. Engage your customers, explore different platforms, maximize features are powerful steps you can implement today.

If you have not started already on social media and SEO, you’re going to fall on hard times. Let’s get with it and make 2017 the year your business explode (not literally though). Be smart and take part!

DATE: Mar 26, 2017
AUTHOR: 1wik

Here is How Youtube Can Help Attract People To Your Business

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Let’s face it, Youtube is great for cute puppy videos, movie trailers, and do-it-yourself tutorials. Did you catch that one about the balloon pop game at weddings (I’ll let you look this one up yourself)?

Youtube is as personal for me as the next Youtuber because video content speaks better than blogs, podcasts, or pictures. It’s basically all three rolled into one!

Bet you didn’t know that the platform reaches more 18-34 year old adults than any cable network according to Nielsen. That’s 1 billion people visiting your business from all over the world every month to be specific.

Here are some more reasons why you might want to give up some Netflix or Hulu time to work on your business Youtube channel.

Untapped Worldwide Traffic At Your Fingertips

As part of your marketing-plan, it’s a cost-effective way to reach out to a lot of potential clients. With Youtube having 4 billion daily views per day, that’s something even your mother would be impressed with.

With a worldwide audience, the platform supports many different languages from many different countries. That’s 76 languages in 88 countries and you can take that to the bank!

Imagine all the ‘tubers viewing it from multiple devices like their laptop, tablets, and phones too. That’s a whole lot of web traffic even when they’re on a bus going to the market. Turns out half the youtube views are from mobile devices.

Youtube and Google Alliance


You might have also noticed that Google search results are coming up with more Youtube videos. They pop up usually within the first 3 links on search results when relevant and that’s where more than 60% of user tend to click!

It’s no surprise that the after Google bought Youtube in 2006 that videos would begin to pull more weight on results.

Here’s a quick tip: if you get other website owners to share or embed your video on their website, Google will recognize that your content as a valuable and help raise up your ranking even quicker!

Leveraging Social Media Integration and Repurposing


When you create an awesome video like Nature RX (everyone can use more nature), it gets shared not only on Youtube but also on other platforms too. Got twitter, instagram, snapchat, or some of the other million of social media apps?

Sharing is caring as they say and when your audience loves your stuff, their little retweet or repost can skyrocket your brand by attracting more enthusiasts!

Why stop at videos? You can even write articles, create podcasts, and create illustrious infographics for your audience on the same topic! Having multiple formats for consumption is like having a better menu at a restaurant!



Hopefully we’ve got you on the edge of your seat excited about Youtube!!

It takes effort to creating content but we all know good content is king. Take time to properly learn the mechanics and you’ll be more popular than the Slow Loris video.

At, we can help you with Youtube integration and other full-business solutions. When looking for website design in Wimbledon, come check out why we’re one of the best!

DATE: Feb 12, 2017
AUTHOR: 1wik

Why A Blog Is The Easiest Way To Drive More SEO Traffic To Your Business

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A blog is an easy and cost-effective way to gain more traffic. It’s a simple element which you can use today to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

It’s well-known that search engine (SEO) is a crucial aspect with big search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Using links both internal and external will help these search engines index your site and help raise your rankings on search results.

People love to consume new materials about topics they are passionate about. Creating regular blog updates attracts new and regular readers to your site.

Having a blog allows your website to expand into different topics in your industry. A website is like a growing plant that needs attention to grow big and strong!

When looking for more about blogging or website design in Wimbledon, is a great place to start!

Using Links as Currencies of the Internet


Even though Google might not reveal the algorithms on how they rank websites on search results, it’s established with many SEO experts that using hyperlinks is one key aspect.

Search engine robot crawlers can’t understand pictures or comprehend the content; therefore, it uses the links in blog articles or on your website to establish credibility and understand what your website is about.

That’s why having your blog articles including external links to other websites can help your own website rank higher on search engine results.

The quality of the link also plays a part in ranking. Links to an article from will have more weight than an article from your local news website.

Internal links to different parts of your website also helps crawlers index your website much quicker. They help point to different sections and help crawlers figure out the organizational scheme which it uses to guide users that visit.

Engaging Readers with Great Content


Readers constantly crave new contents about what they’re searching for. They want to learn and interact with others who are like minded.

Being a reputable source and positioning your business as a thought leader helps builds trust in the community. People will refer to your site when they have questions or want to share their thoughts.

Customers can use your website as a good starting point to connect with others who they might not have otherwise been able to find.

Blogs are also great to integrate with your social media marketing. A blog post can be shared on popular platforms such as facebook or twitter to help attract even more readers to your website.

Watering and Growing Your Website


Great websites are constantly changing and evolving with the current times. Though websites can be created and left alone, it doesn’t give your readership anything new to come back to.

Updated blogs provide relevant, factual information about new ideas or practices in the industry that both satisfy your visitors and google rankings. Yes, even robot crawlers sees fresh content as a good metric of website credibility!

Using new keywords and expanding topics shows that your website has become smarter and evolved into something better.

It’s important to add new content and keywords on a regular basis so there’s always activity.



Now you can see the benefits of having a blog for your website and why it’s important to have one.

Though it will take effort, your readers will be glad that you are helping them learn and grow.

At, we provide full business solutions to help you with all your SEO needs and with many other aspects of your business.

When looking for web design Wimbledon, pay us a visit and see what we can do for you!

DATE: Feb 5, 2017
AUTHOR: 1wik

Marketing An Online Business

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A beauty of having an online business is the many opportunities you have which may not be available offline. One of these possibilities is in the area of marketing. You can promote your business from your website. How, you might ask? By developing a forum or discussion board. On this discussion board, ensure that different topics of importance to your customers are listed. Naturally, people interested in your area of business will want to come back again and again in order to read what others have to say. You provide information. You have repeat traffic.

Interestingly, this action can greatly help your natural search engine traffic in getting your page indexed. It can also provide some back links, and this will help in marketing your online business.

As this is your website, you are able to create marketing. This you do within your niche. When the time comes that the customers are ready to buy, you have positioned yourself in such a way that they would think of you.

Over time, you would have a base of customers and give yourself a chance to grow your business due to the way you have organized your marketing campaign. A benefit of this approach includes obtaining back links, getting search engine traffic and being heavily indexed.

Another proven method for marketing your business is to give away free products. These products must have a perceived value. Ideally, it should be unique to you. If visitors can get the same product elsewhere, chances are less that such visitors will end up on a site that is not yet established. It could be a product you created, or have created for you.

Although it is a give away, you will need to collect names and e-mail addresses. Collecting names and addresses allows you to form relationships with visitors. With time, you can also promote products. Something in it for the customers, and something in it for you.

Yet another proven method is the way you write your contents (articles). If correctly optimized, your content can get you to the top of the search results page. This means many more visitors to your website. This is more effective and much, much cheaper than many other forms of marketing.

The discussed methods are quite general and will work for a lot of online businesses.

Matthew Shofoluwe is a publisher and entrepreneur.
For achievement motivation, do visit his website at

DATE: Dec 7, 2016
AUTHOR: 1wik

Why Companies Conduct Online Focus Groups

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Regardless of what industry you are in, marketing research plays a significant role in the success of a company. Many big and small companies are now open to investing in a good marketing research company to assist them in gaining the information they need to please their consumer. If you select a marketing research company that has experience and specialized staff, you can expect to receive accurate feedback from your customers. These marketing research companies also have a variety of different ways that they can collect customer feedback for you.

One popular service that these companies offer is in-depth interviews. This is a good approach to companies that would like to have a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of their respondent. This service is a one-on-one interview between a knowledgeable and capable interviewer and the respondent. In-depth interviews are also preferred by companies that have target markets across the globe because they can essentially be conducted over the phone. This eliminates the problem of being geographically paralyzed. Although face-to-face interviews still achieve the largest response rate, conducting in-depth phone interviews have been proven to please companies that do not have the capability to interview their respondents in person.

Another way to achieve shopper insights is by asking the marketing research company to conduct an online focus group. This is a good solution for those that are on a time restraint. Not every company will have enough time to conduct in-depth interviews, so this is a good alternative. A focus group generally consists of a moderator and a number of respondents and observers and is conducted in a single physical location per focus group.  But a focus group may also be conducted online where all participants of the focus group log into a website. The moderator acts as the interviewer, the respondent answers and shares their insights and the observers observe.  They do not have to log in all at the same time. This is a plus, again, for those that have target markets worldwide. Online focus groups can be accessed at a time that is convenient for the respondent regardless of their time zone. Since these groups typically run for just a few days, the moderator will receive the information needed in a timely manner.

There are many different ways you can have data collected. Having the right information can do wonders for a company. The most efficient and effective way is to enlist the help of a reputable marketing research company.

Ron Jacobsen writes about marketing research services that includes support for virtual in-depth interviews and online focus groups. Ron also writes about mobile qualitative research like mystery shopping and mobile ethnography to gain shopper insights and for retail analysis.

DATE: Dec 1, 2016
AUTHOR: 1wik