3 Hacks to Improve Your SEO with Social Media In 2017

Let’s skip the talk about the Social Media SEO basics because you and I both know that engagement on social media platform is important. Providing valuable services and content will help skyrocket your sales and growth.

Let’s face it, would you rather work with a company who communicates with its customers or another one-dimensional, sterile corporation who doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than your pounds and pennies?

SEO is often neglected aspect of businesses, it’s easy to start today with some simple hacks to make your company famous. Let’s crack on, shall we?

Hack #1: Customer Engagement

This foundation in social media will always stand the test of time. Your customers seek value from your content and posts. Let’s peek into their minds real quick.

If I’m looking for a new bicycle, I want to find out what’s the best for me. I might read your content about the different types of bikes and different price points. From reading valuable posts on your social media, I want to get answers to some of my questions. I might drop a like or save the article.

Here’s where most companies fall short, they fail to engage the customers after that tiny lead. Send a message on Facebook to the customer or tweet at them specifically. Use emoticons, messenger bots, and quick responses to reel ‘em in to your fantastic brand.

This personalized touch can make customers feel that you truly care about their needs. They’ll be happy that they didn’t buy a road bike to take into the trails in the forest. Get the idea? Marvelous.

Hack #2: Using Paid Content on Different Platforms

While it’s great to try to gain organic results from search engines, take advantage of the many platforms to help target a more specific audience.

Where do your customers hang out most on the internet? Chances are if you find that platform, you can buy content to help attract customers to your company. Ever noticed that you were searching for something on Google and then your Facebook page starts displaying a bunch of ads about it? Yea, it works like that.

It’s nice to have your engagement on your social media sites but even better if you cast your net further to catch more fish.

Hack #3: Maximize Every Feature

The nature of social media spins on a dime, so you need to be flexible. New features and updates are constantly released and by using some strategy, you can take full advantage of it.

Facebook have their ads and Google have their adwords but you might want to look into Instagram’s stories or Snapchat’s our story features. Of course, there are many other features of different platforms.

Knowing how to use each feature of software is like being a good leader. Maximizing each function and playing it where it is the strongest is a smart move. If you played some chess before, I might be preaching to the choir.
Whether you’re selling dog toys to fart candles (not kidding), social media can be a force multiplier in your advertising strategy. Most of the time, it’s even free to create a free page or account to get your name out there.

Your customers don’t stand a chance if you strategize and launch a successful campaign. Engage your customers, explore different platforms, maximize features are powerful steps you can implement today.

If you have not started already on social media and SEO, you’re going to fall on hard times. Let’s get with it and make 2017 the year your business explode (not literally though). Be smart and take part!

DATE: Mar 26, 2017
AUTHOR: 1wik
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