Why Companies Conduct Online Focus Groups

Regardless of what industry you are in, marketing research plays a significant role in the success of a company. Many big and small companies are now open to investing in a good marketing research company to assist them in gaining the information they need to please their consumer. If you select a marketing research company that has experience and specialized staff, you can expect to receive accurate feedback from your customers. These marketing research companies also have a variety of different ways that they can collect customer feedback for you.

One popular service that these companies offer is in-depth interviews. This is a good approach to companies that would like to have a deeper understanding of the wants and needs of their respondent. This service is a one-on-one interview between a knowledgeable and capable interviewer and the respondent. In-depth interviews are also preferred by companies that have target markets across the globe because they can essentially be conducted over the phone. This eliminates the problem of being geographically paralyzed. Although face-to-face interviews still achieve the largest response rate, conducting in-depth phone interviews have been proven to please companies that do not have the capability to interview their respondents in person.

Another way to achieve shopper insights is by asking the marketing research company to conduct an online focus group. This is a good solution for those that are on a time restraint. Not every company will have enough time to conduct in-depth interviews, so this is a good alternative. A focus group generally consists of a moderator and a number of respondents and observers and is conducted in a single physical location per focus group.  But a focus group may also be conducted online where all participants of the focus group log into a website. The moderator acts as the interviewer, the respondent answers and shares their insights and the observers observe.  They do not have to log in all at the same time. This is a plus, again, for those that have target markets worldwide. Online focus groups can be accessed at a time that is convenient for the respondent regardless of their time zone. Since these groups typically run for just a few days, the moderator will receive the information needed in a timely manner.

There are many different ways you can have data collected. Having the right information can do wonders for a company. The most efficient and effective way is to enlist the help of a reputable marketing research company.

Ron Jacobsen writes about marketing research services that includes support for virtual in-depth interviews and online focus groups. Ron also writes about mobile qualitative research like mystery shopping and mobile ethnography to gain shopper insights and for retail analysis.

DATE: Dec 1, 2016
AUTHOR: 1wik
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